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AdMachine's Furnace & Heating Landing Pages

Sep 30, 2021 10:30:00 AM

When someone comes into your house, the first thing they see is the foyer. They come in, see that room, and can immediately start getting a feel for who you are, how you live, and what they can expect as a guest in your home. As a business owner, your landing pages are your own digital foyer, so it’s extremely important that it sets the tone for prospective customers and gets them interested right away. A good landing page will be your best salesperson and will act as the entry point to the sales funnel where your team can seal the deal.


Visit OUR landing page:

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At AdMachines, our landing pages are hand-crafted to be visually appealing, enticing to potential leads, representative of your company, and most importantly: focused on branding. Our pages are absolutely brimming with branding. From bare-bones basics like prominent logo placement, to on-the-job photos of your technicians hard at work helping customers, these elements help inspire trust in any leads that arrive at the page. Our landing pages let potential customers know that you’re the real deal from the word “go.”


And on the technical side, our pages are as intuitive as they are effective. We leverage industry-leading technology that lets us create high-quality pages in record time. And because everyone’s on their phones these days, we build them out for mobile optimization. Cap it all off with contact forms and prominent calls to action and your potential customers can reach out to you directly from the page itself.


Want to learn more about how AdMachines can help improve your sales funnel with our second-to-none landing pages? Give us a call! We’d love to speak with you!





Written by Admachines


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