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10 Tips To Optimize Your Google Local Service Ads (Google Guaranteed) Account

Feb 4, 2022 4:14:09 PM

On a recent episode of the Home Service Marketing Podcast, we discussed the good, the bad and the ugly of Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs). We talked about how, back in 2016, more than 60% of home service businesses on the first page of Google were pushed to the second page to pave the way for Local Service Ads. Now it appears Google is modifying their LSAs again. We recently spotted them running in the Google Map Pack across the country. 

Google is ramping up its LSA program, dropping the Google Guaranteed security background check for a more streamlined approach, called Google Screened. They are aggressively expanding the program into legal services, real estate agents, personal trainers, and pretty much any local business that has a Google My Business listing. Are the days of getting low-cost leads over? Will Google change the position of the LSA ads from top-of-page to the Map Pack? There’s evidence to suggest they are working on merging the Google My Business program with Local Service Ads.

Think about it for a minute: if you had more than one map listing in the past (a business located at home, or at a local UPS store), there’s a good chance you may have lost it as Google cleaned up what they perceived to be fraudulent listings. If you recently moved your business address and had to update your Google My Business information, you had to go through a long, painful, and strict business verification process. 

In fact, as of January 2022, a new business looking to launch a Google My Business profile has to submit business corporation documents, IRS returns, and three months of bank statements to prove they are legitimate. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a separate review database for Local Service Ads merge with Google My Business profiles. Just recently, Local Service Advertisers have also seen the ability to increase the amount they are willing to pay for a lead with new bidding features: a strong signal that LSAs are about to get much more competitive.

Within the last year, Google is also giving Google My Business owners the ability to implement an advertising tracking number. Just recently, we are starting to see Google Local Service Ads appear right in the Map Pack. Is this a test, or is Google taking the next step to monetize this free lead source?  We have clients that will get 100-300 free leads a month just from the map section, and Google knows it. If you recall the history of the Map Pack, it once had seven listings, cut down to three. Are they going to eliminate this fruitful organic lead section and monetize it with the LSA program? We’re not sure, but it’s looking like this could be the future. Google holds their cards close to their vest and I’m sure they would love to monetize what’s left of the first page of search results.

There’s no way of knowing what the future will bring, but if you look at the history and moves Google has made in the past, it is clear that something is brewing. In the meantime, here are ten tips to optimize your Google Local Service Ads account to make it work as hard as it can:

1. The first step is to ensure your map and service area is updated. Expanding your area can help drive in more leads by offering your services to a wider range of potential customers. Double check that all town names are correct, and add or remove locations accordingly to show your ads to the most local consumers.

2. Update your hours of operation to show your LSAs to potential customers at the best times. We recommend running 24 hours to maximize the amount of leads your ads can accrue. It is not recommended to shut off your campaigns completely as it takes a while for them to ramp back up in the system. 

3. Updating your business information allows you to set expectations with potential customers. You have the option to offer video appointments, specify your safety and social distancing standards, and set the payment options for your business. Additionally, you have the ability to select up to six reasons why someone should give you a call. This includes your workmanship guarantees, 24/7 emergency service availability, A+ BBB rating, and more. Finally, make sure your photos are up to date and geotargetted with the longitude and latitude of locations in your service area.


4. Google frequently adds, removes, and edits the different options in the Job Types section. It’s always a good idea to check this list monthly to make sure you are checked off for all of the lead sources that your business can service. 

5. Once the leads start coming in, it’s very important to respond quickly. Google measures your conversion rates and compares them to your competitors. If you miss calls or fail to react to the opportunities, your exposure will be limited and your ads will not perform as well.


6. After you take the call, make sure you write in the result, including the customer name, email, and any notes about lead quality. Marking these calls as booked is a simple way to tell Google that you are on top of things, and will further help the performance of your ads. 

7. LSA reviews are now integrated with your Google My Business review profile. It’s important to make sure you are responding to both negative and positive reviews, as this can help improve lead volume and shows Google that you are actively working on and enhancing client satisfaction.

8. It’s important to know when your licensing and insurance are going to expire. Part of the requirements of the Google Guaranteed badge is maintaining current licensing and insurance, so make sure you are on top of it. It is easy to upload, submit, and manage this information right from the Business Verification section.

9. Make sure your budget and bids are updated, and be sure to have your maximum budget set. Google will provide you with a recommendation based on the historical performance of the market, but we recommend setting an extremely high manual budget and monitoring it. This will allow you to maximize the lead source and squeeze out as many leads as you can. At the same time, you are able to set a max lead cost, meaning the price you are willing to pay for each lead. Recently, Google implemented the maximize leads feature which lets Google set your bids for you and get the most leads for your budget. Though you would never do this in a traditional pay-per-click campaign, it is the most efficient way to get the most out of your LSA performance.

10. Activate Google’s Message Leads feature so customers can contact you via text or email in addition to calling. Google has also implemented a brand new Scheduling feature that ties LSAs directly into your business’ service management platform. Currently, this feature supports Housecall Pro, Jobber, ServiceTitan, and WorkbizEasy. 


For help updating and managing your LSA account reach out to AdMachines by visiting admachines.com and requesting a meeting today. 



Written by Admachines


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