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The Heating Demand Lead Generation Campaign

Feb 11, 2022 9:36:23 AM

If you are a home services company specializing in residential heating and cooling services, there are many common issues that come up on a daily or weekly basis throughout the season, given the nature of how weather plays a role in demand and scheduling. 

Perhaps you have too many calls coming in and not enough technicians to handle those calls or too many technicians and not enough calls to keep them busy. Or you’re sending technicians to any and all calls, even the low value opportunities just to fill up the schedule. If your company has experienced these problems, the AdMachines Heating Demand Lead Generation Campaign may be exactly what you need to avoid these issues, capture the best opportunities, and inject consistently into your business.

The Heating Demand Lead Generation Campaign is customized to your specific business and is designed to reach the customers in the highest degree of pain who need your services. It is comprised of roughly 10 different campaigns, built with over 1,500 keywords, 35,000 negative keywords, and backed by more than $10 million in ad spend - so they’re proven to work.

These demand campaigns are created to give your prospects an experience where they not only see and interact with your brand, but also are targeted with the specific problem they are searching for. Part of what makes a successful campaign is consistency and we have it here. This campaign is built with all three legs of a successful ad campaign heavily in mind: Keywords, ad copy, and a high converting sales funnel. 

On the keyword level, the focus is on terms for furnace and heater repair, 24/7 emergency service, break or fix concerns (i.e. furnace isn’t lighting, furnace is blowing cold hair, etc.), contractor or company searches, and searches that capture local intent (i.e. furnace repair near me). Keywords are regularly monitored and adjusted, and top performing keywords are allocated enough budget to bring in as many leads as possible. This prevents wasted ad spend on underperforming keywords.

With ad copy, all of Google’s features are utilized, so the ads take up the maximum amount of real estate in the search results and appear more relevant to users. This includes a mention of speed (i.e. same day service, 60 minute response time, etc.), selecting different timing options so the ads are showing up at the right times to command your market, trust factors (i.e. reviews, ratings, etc.), and differentiation points to make your ads stand out from the competition.

On the landing page level, the keywords and ad copy are brought over to make a consistent experience for the user. If a customer is searching for water heater installations, for example, they will see the term “water heater” appear both in the ad copy and on the landing page, making your ads as relevant to their needs as possible. These landing pages are designed to act as your best performing sales person, and bring in high quality leads for the exact services you offer because customers will have a clear understanding of how you can meet their needs.

AdMachine’s Heating Demand Lead Generation Campaigns are always optimizing as Google makes changes to its system to ensure your ads are performing at their best and bringing in the highest intent customers possible. With over five years of experience put into this campaign, it is guaranteed to help your business get the quality calls you want and avoid the problems that might prevent you from getting the most out of your budget.




Written by Admachines


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