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The Heating Demand Local Campaign

Feb 11, 2022 9:36:41 AM

The Heating Demand Local campaign is designed to complement the core Heating Demand campaign. Though these two campaigns are similar, their goals are slightly different. While the Heating Demand campaign targets more general heating repair and service terms, the Local campaign focuses on these terms specifically within your service area. It allows you to have more control over your lead volume, get your ads to appear in Google Maps, track paid leads that come through Google My Business (GMB), and better manage the capacity and dispatching of your company’s technicians. 

When the Heating Demand campaign is built, it is made up of three tiers: Heating Demand, Heating Demand Near Me, and Heating Demand City Search. The Heating Demand is the lowest tier and the baseline for the other two campaigns. Heating Demand Near Me and Heating Demand City Search are a bit more specific and include search terms with the exact city names you service and other location-based keywords. When you run Heating Demand Near Me and Heating Demand City Search campaigns together, you will receive higher quality leads, a more balanced lead cost, and good consistency in lead volume.

The Heating Demand Near Me campaign focuses on searches containing the words “near me,” and heavily emphasizes mobile search. Typically, customers search these terms when they are later in the sales cycle, past the troubleshooting phase, and are looking for service. They have likely brought their phone with them to the source of the problem and are making their search from there. This campaign is optimized to convert at double the rate on mobile, and has the lowest possible cost per lead on mobile compared to desktop.

The Heating Demand City Search campaign has the strongest overall conversion and best quality leads. It focuses on searches that contain the city name plus the search term, such as “Boston furnace repair.” It is built for the exact cities and towns that your company services, and contains ads that include those city and town names in addition to the local phone number. This ensures the ad is looking as relevant as possible for that particular area, and gets a much better response rate. When these ads are clicked on, the corresponding landing pages also include the city names which makes a consistent experience for the user, and increases conversions. 

In addition to the Heating Demand Near Me and Heating Demand City Search ads showing up in Google’s Search results, they also show up within the Google Map Pack. This means a customer may not have to search for your business or services specifically to see you appear in their Google Maps interface. You can easily integrate your Google Ads account with your GMB, and appear in front of people who might not otherwise see you, especially if you struggle with SEO. These Heating Demand Local campaigns are the key to showing up for the highest-intent, and most relevant searches for your business. Both the Heating Demand Near Me and Heating Demand City Search campaigns together can help you get in front of the exact right customers in your area at the exact moment they need you.




Written by Admachines


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