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The Heating Sales Campaign

Feb 11, 2022 9:37:03 AM

The Heating Sales campaigns are perfectly designed to generate good quality sales opportunities, such as furnace installs or replacements. These campaigns have been narrowed down to the top 400 performing keywords that have a history of generating leads. They target homeowners who are currently in the market for heating and cooling equipment and are set up so you are only paying for the leads that are generated. There are three types of Heating Sales campaigns: the Heating Sales search campaign, Heating Sales display campaign, and Heating Sales YouTube campaign.

The Heating Sales search campaign relies on basic Google search, and the keywords that users type into Google. The ad copy is what makes or breaks this campaign, and is what compels people to click on the add and call. Typically, this campaign works well running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as it is highly targeted and limited to a restricted audience, so it will not bleed budget. The backbone of this campaign is AdMachine’s ad copy formula which uses all of the features that Google has to offer to take up the most real estate in the search results, and convince the searcher to click on the ad and convert. 

The Heating Sales display campaign uses the exact same ad copy as the search campaign, but with a slightly different targeting goal. While the search campaign relies on the customer already having an interest in your services and taking the step to search for them on Google, the display campaign is more of a two-step lead generation strategy where you get to create the interest. With these display ads, it is easy to select the specific audiences that you want to target and utilize a number of different targeting options, which means you get to pick and choose who the ads will be distributed to, rather than presenting them for the general public. These display ads can also be easily used for remarketing as you can target people who have reached your landing pages in the past but have not converted, or previous customers from your company’s database. These ads can show up on a wide variety of websites, including news stations, sports networks, weather channels, and many more.

The Heating Sales YouTube campaign operates similarly to the display campaign in its’ targeting abilities and ad placements. These ads can appear on other YouTube videos, across the internet on the same types of websites as display ads, or on YouTube TV, which acts more like  traditional TV advertising. If someone has previously visited your landing page, they can easily be remarketed to with a YouTube ad, whether that be while watching heating related videos on YouTube, browsing their favorite news station, or watching YouTube TV. 

All three of these Heating Sales campaigns are extremely effective at bringing in high quality leads for heating related sales opportunities. They allow you to get in front of customers who are currently in the market to purchase heating and cooling equipment or who might be doing research and getting closer to that part of the sales cycle.




Written by Admachines


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