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Welcome to Heating Season

Feb 8, 2022 2:58:26 PM

All of the Heating Season Campaigns are designed to bring in high-quality and high-intent leads in your company’s service area, and capture the best repair, maintenance, and sales opportunities. They are comprised of four different campaigns that operate together: The Heating Demand Lead Generation Campaign, Heating Demand Local Campaign, Heating Tune-Up Campaign, and Heating Sales Campaign.

The Heating Demand Lead Generation Campaign is customized to your specific business, and designed to reach the customers who are in the highest degree of pain and need your services. Demand campaigns are created to give your prospects an experience where they not only see and interact with your brand, but also are targeted with the specific problem they are searching for.

While the Heating Demand campaign targets more general heating repair and service terms, the Heating Demand Local campaign works as a compliment and focuses on these terms specifically within the towns and cities you service. It allows you to have more control over your lead volume, get your ads to appear in Google Maps, track paid leads that come through Google My Business, and more. When the Heating Demand campaign is built, it is made up of three tiers: Heating Demand, Heating Demand Near Me, and Heating Demand City Search.

The Heating Tune-Up Campaigns are for companies looking to get into the home and perform furnace cleanings, maintenance, or tune-up work. These campaigns come in two forms: display and search, and are both extremely effective at bringing in early heating season opportunities without overspending your advertising budget. 

The Heating Sales Campaigns are perfectly designed to generate good quality sales opportunities, such as furnace installs or replacements. These campaigns target homeowners who are currently in the market for heating and cooling equipment, and allow you to pick and choose who sees your ads. There are three types of Heating Sales campaigns: the Heating Sales search campaign, Heating Sales display campaign, and Heating Sales YouTube campaign.

Each of the Heating Season Campaigns is built with all three legs of a successful ad campaign heavily in mind: Keywords, ad copy, and a high-converting sales funnel. The Heating Campaign Landing Pages are optimized to be a company’s best performing sales person, as they are the entry point into the sales funnel. AdMachines’ landing pages stand out because they are extremely branded, showing the faces and equipment of the company, which give the customer a positive impression of the business. 

This year’s Heating Season Campaigns utilize the most up-to-date features that Google has to offer, and are guaranteed to capture the best opportunities in your service area. Users are delivered a consistent experience from their search through the ad copy and onto the landing page. These campaigns are proven to work, and will generate the quality calls you want while also getting the most out of your budget.




Written by Admachines


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