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The Heating Tune-Up Campaign

Feb 11, 2022 9:36:07 AM

The Heating Tune-Up campaigns are perfectly designed for companies looking to get into the home and perform furnace cleanings, maintenance, or tune-up work. These campaigns come in two forms: display and search, and are both extremely effective at bringing in early heating season opportunities without overspending your advertising budget. 

First is the Heating Tune-Up display campaign. This campaign is pay for performance based, meaning you can dictate the amount you are willing to pay for a lead and are charged that flat rate. The more you tell Google you are willing to spend, the more volume you will get, but little money is wasted when you are only paying for the leads that come in. Typically, this type of campaign can bring in leads for no more than $50, but can run as low as $10-$15 with great results. To build these ads, all that is needed are some branded photos, an irresistible offer, and a landing page and they are ready to go. 

Google also offers a wide variety of targeting options which allow you to show your display ads to the most relevant people who are more likely to convert. Typically this includes homeowners, people shopping for new heating and cooling equipment, people with a search history of looking for heating services, and more. These campaigns also allow you to target by income level, age, and existing customers. This is extremely helpful because customers of certain ages and levels of income are more likely to be in the market for your services. If you use a service management software, you can pull your existing customer lists into Google Ads and show up again for people you have worked with in the past who may be due for further service.

With Heating Tune-Up display campaigns, it is also possible to tell Google on what websites you would like your display ads to appear, whether that be a news source like FOX or CNN, a weather channel, YouTube, a sports network like ESPN, or mobile apps. These ads can act like a billboard for your business to show your brand and services to a large selection of people, while only paying for the leads that are generated. 

The other type of maintenance campaign is the Heating Tune-Up search campaign. These ads appear in the normal Google search results, and are another low-cost way to get some early season leads. This campaign targets 60 different categories of keywords including furnace cleaning, furnace checkup, furnace tune-up near me, and many more. These keywords are the focus of the campaign, and the ad copy that corresponds with them contains the same offer as in the display ads. They also connect to the same landing page. This consistency is extremely important in maximizing conversions, and the results from both campaigns can be easily tracked and measured. 

Both the Heating Tune-Up display and search campaigns are highly successful at bringing in quality heating opportunities in your service area and getting in front of the right type of customer for all of their furnace maintenance needs. They will bring in cost-effective leads and get you in the door for those early-season furnace cleanings and tune-ups.




Written by Admachines


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